‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…’


and while we’re waiting, maybe you’d like to make this lovely little card snow-dome to decorate the Christmas tree…

1. Download and print out the template here: advent1_snowglobe


Stick it down onto thin card, then cut it out (all in one piece).



Fold it down the middle. Loop a piece of ribbon – about 12-15cm should do it – and stick it down just inside.



Glue the inside completely and fold the two halves together.



Draw a picture from the front view…



…and on the other side from the back view.

I’m going to make lots of these! How about someone in the family photographed twice, from the front and back? It would make a very sweet present…



Add some colour, some shiny or white snowflakes, fill in the label if you want to –

and it’s done!

If you’d like to have the bunny snow-dome I made, you’ll find that in the download too.