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bubble & squeak


with James Mayhew

A tale of friendship, drama and strawberry bonbons.


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Here is Bubble, star of the show!


A shy little mouse comes in from the cold



and stays hidden, admiring her from afar. Could this unlikely pair ever be friends? It takes a heart-stopping moment to find out


This lovely story was written by the fabulous James Mayhew, especially for me.


We’ve been friends for years – not at all from afar! – and meet often at The Two Cakes Club (membership: 2; cakes: 2 each). We knew we wanted a deliciously retro look, which was an exciting new style for me. There’s a splendid cast of animals and people to get to know, too.


Look out for more stories about Bubble and Squeak coming soon!


Orchard Books,

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