Mary Plain #2

Mary Plain #2

tiny bears!



Here is Mary in action, and in every imaginable mood. A busy bear.
You might be surprised to know that each individual image is barely bigger than my fingernail.
You won’t be surprised to hear how often I’ve wondered if I could have this made into fabric, so I could sew myself a Mary frock.

I did find a use for these tiny bears…
I’m not a fan of too much text with no pictures. So in Mostly Mary and All Mary, on the (rare) pages with no large illustrations, look out for a tiny treat in the page corners.

Tomorrow, meet Mary’s friends and family!


Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 13.45.51



Mary Plain #1

Mary Plain #1

bringing Mary to life on the page

IMG_7313 (2)


With just a week to go until publication by Egmont UK of Mostly Mary and All Mary, I’ll be posting a special little something every day to celebrate. We will go behind the scenes for sneak previews and never-seen-before drawings. We will get to know Mary, orphan bear cub from the bear pits of Berne Zoo. meet her friends and family, and even visit the bear pits themselves.
There will be rosettes and condensed milk and iced buns. And there will be meringues, OF COURSE. What kind of party would it be without meringues?

Welcome to Mary’s world!
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