Happir World Tapir Day!

Bambang and family…



To celebrate this momentous day in the calendar, Polly and I can reveal the title and cover proof of the third book in the Mango & Bambang series.

Tiny Tapir Trouble.

My stormingly clever author has done it again!

A relative for Bambang – what could possibly go wrong?
Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, surely?


Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 13.46.01


How lovely to have a day in the year that puts the beautiful tapir in the spotlight, and have an excuse to hang out with my own – albeit diminutive – pals.






Models made by the brilliant artists Midori Takaki and Josie Armand Smith.
If you don’t already, follow them and prepare to be delighted!




  1. Becci

    My six year old and I love the Mango and Bambang books. Tapirs are her favourite animal and she has soft toy ones and a large collection of model ones. Your illustrations are beautiful, thank you for bringing to life such lovely characters.

    • clara

      Hello Becci, I’m so happy to hear that you and your daughter are enjoying the Mango and Bambang stories, and really appreciate you calling by to tell me. Thank you for your kind words.
      Please say a special hello to our fellow fan of tapirs from Bambang! X


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