Up Up and Away – quiz!

when you have read the book…



you can answer this question…

When Percy was small he had only one Forest Folk Fellowship badge. What did he get his commendation for?

I’ll send a signed bookplate and dedication, written by both Mum and I, to anyone who gets in touch with the right answer!

And for a bonus prize, what do you think the badges in the picture are for?




  1. Damyanti

    Great to see Dixie & Percy back we cant wait to read about thier 3rd adventure in the meantime owing to my complete inexperience of scouting or guiding here are my incorrect guesses

    Synchronised jumping
    Writing Egyptian hieroglyphs
    Outrunning bats
    Bunnies from spotted handkerchiefs
    Cake catapulting & piercing
    Pirate map marking
    Water digging
    Toolbox emptying
    Firm handshakes
    Getting enough zzzzzz’s
    Running with scissors
    Watercan arranging

    • clara

      Marvellous guesses! 100% right, naturally.
      The tie-breaker is an impromptu game of cake-catapulting and then you will be given honorary Forest Folk Fellowship membership.

  2. Catherine

    Love that Percy was commended for his egg custard – bless him!

    My badge guesses;

    Disco dancing (bit hot when you’re wearing tweed I would think!)
    Empathy with birds
    Racquet skills
    Starring in the Christmas pantomime (Dick Whittington)
    Frequent attendance at the Didsworth Cottage Creamery
    DIY soft furnishings
    Honey making
    House plant maintenance
    Rescue boating
    Emergency First Aid
    Improving neighbourhood relationships

    • clara

      Hello Catherine – thank you for your wonderful guesses!
      I LOVE disco dancing in tweed – and feel sure Dixie and Percy will blossom in the soft furnishings lessons… x

  3. Emma Walker

    Answers all courtesy of Meg…

    Commendation was for egg custard

    Other badges:
    Looking at birds
    Carrying things
    Eating your dinner
    Making and sewing
    Spotting bees
    Watering plants
    Helping do doctor things
    Sawing and mending
    Being kind

    Loving the new book!

    • clara

      Hi Emma,
      Meg is 100% absolutely RIGHT! I love ‘helping do doctor things’.
      She is now officially in Dixie and Percy’s friendship club – I’ll be sending her bookplates asap… xx


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