I Heart Holidays #3

I Heart Holidays #3

lollies and ices!


Martha Monty and Pip have theirs…
and now I feel the need for the DEFINITIVE vote.
What is your favourite ice cream or lolly?

Is it a FAB?



Does it have a flake in it?



(and how many times would you go back to the van to get another one after your small bunny drops theirs and cries?)

Let us know your best summer licks – and come back tomorrow for a lovely lolly art project…



30 thoughts on “I Heart Holidays #3

  1. I think I may already have told you of the sad day a dog came and took the last bit Eddie’s ice cream with flake RIGHT OUT OF HIS HAND. We *did* buy another one then…

    Long discussion today on subject of Best Lollies has come to the broad answer of ‘it depends’- on mood and circumstance but we have a few observations to make.
    Eddie is going through a big Lemonade Lolly phase at the moment and has changed his formerly regular chocolate ice cream order with Chiro who sells them in the park. He says ‘they are the sweetest and I like sweet best’. Today Chiro had sold out of Lemonade lollies and he had to have a Strawberry Split. “It was good but not as good. Not sweet enough.”
    Bill says “I like Bubble O Bills that you can only get in Australia because they are called after me and also because they have a bit of bubble gum in them you can chew after. Otherwise Feasts are good. I always like a Feast.”
    In the absence of a Golden Gaytime I vascillate between a Twister, a Nobbly Bobbly and a Feast too. I am flighty with my lollies. I do not like Magnums much following an unfortunate car journey sharing the back seat of a Volvo with a toddler who’d eaten one and then was violently sick. I do not like Volvos much now either.
    Is this answer slightly more detailed than you were looking for?

    • That is EXACTLY the answer – with the perfect amount of detail – I was looking for.
      A lemonade lolly is the most refreshing sunny day treat, sweet but also sharp, and a mint Feast is very close to heaven.
      Everybody needs a Golden Gaytime at some point in their lives and I shall be looking forward to mine.

  2. At home it’s a toss up between a strawberry split, a mini milk or, and this may be going slightly off-piste but, a mango kulfi on a stick which is heavenly.

    At the local shop a solero, classic magnum or a cornetto is a real treat. However anything salted caramel is most welcome but my most favourite ice cream is stracciatella (think cream with chocolate chips) and there are very few places to get that. Now that is a very special treat indeed.

    • Sensational answers! I very much approve of the distinctions between home, corner shop and out and about.
      A stracciatella is truly the ice cream of the gods, I can almost taste one right now. The humble mini milk is a daily must, too, all summer…X

  3. Oh I forgot to say that when out and about it’s hard to beat the classic 99, flake, cone, vanilla ice cream combo!

  4. My bite is for Twister followed closely by Feast which I used to class as lunch when I was at school. More of an icepop then an ice lolly but trying to make a Mr Freeze ice pop last all the way home from school was a tough challenge

    • I have never ever had a Twister but will do so this very day in your honour.
      Brilliant detail about making a Mr Freeze last all the way home form school. I used to buy a bag of maltesers and have one at each station of my train journey home. X

  5. I’m more of an ice cream fan, not so keen on lollies. My favourite ice creams are definitely the soft whippy ones you can only get from vans or certain shops. I remember when I was much, much littler, having a soft pistachio ice cream in France, and that was The Best Ice Cream Ever.

    Mighty Girl and Danger Girl go more for the lollies. DG likes soft ice cream if it’s smothered in strawberry sticky sauce or blackcurrant lollies. MG also likes soft ice cream with strawberry sticky sauce or orange calippos. But they might go for something different every time.

    I always have the soft ice cream with a flake. Sometimes I even get to eat the flake myself :-)

    • You share your flake??? That is KIND PARENTING!
      I love your daughters’ eclectic tastes. The thought of a soft french pistachio ice cream has sent me into a happy reverie…
      wonderful choices, thank you! X

  6. My favourite was always a Toffee Crumble. I was very sad when they were discontinued… Although I have a feeling they may have been brought back. As a grown up a solero or Shepherd’s sheep milk ice cream (the one from Hay on Wye) – toffee flavour.

    • YES! The toffee crumble, that was fantastic. I thoroughly approve of your grown up toffee incarnation. I hope it is available everywhere, not just in Hay on Wye? Sounds like just the thing for a sunny weekend treat!

  7. I used to love Zooms but I don’t think they make them any more. And strawberry mivvis. The sight of that old fashioned Lyons Maid sign with the two children holding lollies causes a slightly pavlovian reaction in me. My kids like Twisters and for me a good coffee ice cream is about as close to heaven as you can get. Happy publication day – I might have to track down a lolly myself to celebrate!

    • Thank you very much! And YES – please do, find the best coffee ice cream there is and you are forbidden to share.
      I get it about the old fashioned Lyons Maid sign. The music of a distant ice cream van does the same to me – happy, sad and nostalgic all at once.

  8. For me it has to be either the trad Orange Maid, a cider lolly from the ice cream van, or maybe a screwball if I wanted something different.

    The lady wife is all Knobbly Bobbly and 99 but I still love her.

    • How lucky you are to have a lady wife who is all about the Knobbly Bobbly….
      but what is this about cider lollies??? I didn’t even know they existed! Are they alcoholic?

  9. At the opposite end of the Spectrum from mini milks and strawberry Mivvis (so glad someone mentioned them) I once had a vervaine ice cream in Nice. So sophisticated it was fragrant rather than sweet. The Ava Gardner of ice creams.

    • A vervain ice cream – I had to look that one up, it sounds like heaven!
      ‘The Ava Gardner of ice creams’ is my phrase of the month, how utterly wonderful…

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  11. I’m allergic to ice cream so it’s Lollies all the way…. But as a kid I loved ZAP lollies! There were multicoloured and I think toffee flavour?!

    These days I’m far more grown up and make my own… My new fave is cucumber mint and lime ice lollies. So refreshing and zingy and healthy on a hot day!!
    However, avocado icecream (dairy free) is an old fave!!

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