I Heart Holidays #1

a week of fun stuff!


Grab your bucket and spade and hop on board – this week Martha and the Bunny Brothers I Heart Holidays is out AT LAST!
And to celebrate I have been busy…
In I Heart Holidays we’re definitely not thinking exotic expensive faraway destinations. This is more in the style of my childhood and my own children’s: a few days at West Witterings, sandcastles, sandwiches, rain clouds and LARKS.
Martha and her family go to the seaside in their beautiful blue camper van, Bluebell.
So I have made a model Bluebell, using bits and pieces from an old one I found,



complete with all the right bumper stickers…



and bunny badge.



And reader, IT MOVES.



Come back tomorrow to see who’s inside!

You can also read about how I planned and presented this picture book in storyboard form over on Authors Allsorts.

Camping, glamping, tents and caravans – what are YOUR best memories of this special kind of holiday? And do you have any top tips of seaside destinations?




  1. Polly

    ‘Our’ seaside is Barmouth in Wales which is the sort of seaside where *sometimes* you have to walk about a mile to get to the sea and sometimes only about half a mile. It has excellent sand and a rockpooly bit and crabs to catch and donkeys. If it rains (and it will) you can have a cup of thick orange tea at the Barmouth Milk Bar or all place 10p bets on the horse racing machine in the arcade. My top tip is to have an ice cream AS SOON AS YOU GET THERE or you all just end up thinking about it too much to properly relax.
    Eddie gave a double thumbs up and the beamiest beam when I told him there was a new Martha book coming this very week. Happy Launching!

    • clara

      Thank you so much Polly for the Top Tip of Barmouth, and all the cheery fun to be had. Donkeys would have been my absolute BEST.
      And thank you for the beamiest beam and double thumbs up – that puts a Martha-ish spring in my step! X

  2. Catherine

    We had a great holiday last year in a caravan in Weymouth. It was a perfect week with sunshine, fish and chips, ice-cream, fishing in rockpools and Punch and Judy on the beach. You don’t need to go far to have fun at the seaside 🙂

    Congratulations to you, Martha, Monty and Pip on the new book!

    • clara

      Hello Catherine, thank you so much! What an idyllic seaside visit. I’ve heard that Weymouth is lovely.
      I completely forgot about rock pools – an essential extra detail! X


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