26 Characters at The Story Museum Oxford


I don’t think I have ever been involved with a more glorious, original project.

The biggest names in the children’s publishing world have been transforming themselves into their favourite characters from the books they most loved as children. They have been styled and dressed in sumptuous costumes, and photographed by star photographer Cambridge Jones, for an exhibition called 26 Characters at The Story Museum in Oxford, opening on April 5th. Neil Gaiman as Badger is such an inspired casting!
There will be lots to do and see, with a season of related activities and events.



Mum and I have been a pair, a joint portrait of two characters from a book we both love. It’s all top secret so I can’t tell you who we are, but I can give you a visual clue.

This was my prop…



Any guesses?




  1. Polly

    This puzzle is like TOTALLY puzzling me. I KNOW I must know it but I can’t grasp it. grrrrr.
    It’s also demonstrated to me how few female double acts I can think of in classic children’s books. Interesting.

    • clara

      That IS an interesting point. I can only think of horrid spinsterish sisters and witches. There’s room for a supper-cool female duo, surely, maybe a sleuthing pair?
      I fear I might have misled everybody… it is from a book we loved when we were children, rather than a classic children’s book. With a bag.
      i know you’re going to get it too soon!

  2. Polly

    Ah…well that does open up interesting new lines of enquiry… It’s not particularly “a HANDbag” is it?

    • clara

      I’m sorry, I don’t know what you could possibly mean.


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