Dixie Advent the 1st

Dixie Advent the 1st



Behind the first window of the Dixie Advent Calendar is…
my Mum.
How many good things start with our mums!

This picture was taken on her 86th birthday, down by the river as we mulled over some story ideas and drew in our sketchbooks over a coffee and a tunnocks wafer (I’m keeping a beady eye on mine, sitting there on the saucer…).
If I have a tenth of Mum’s vitality and brilliance when I am – can I say it? – old, I will consider myself very luck indeed.

Working on Dixie together has been pure happiness on wheels – I shall remember these days always.



9 thoughts on “Dixie Advent the 1st

  1. What a glorious start to your advent calendar! The stately Thames and serene Shirley. And are they your ancestor’s lampposts on the bridge? They look as though they’re saying “Don’t forget me!” And what a beautifully composed photo, with your mum at its focus looking very much as though she’s knocked those blank pages of her sketchbook into submission with a marvellously detailed pencil drawing.

    • Ah, Colin – trust an artist to describe the process of drawing in a sketchbook so brilliantly…
      alas the Vulliamy lampposts (well remembered!) begin a little further up the Thames, but I think we can hear them calling out to us all the same!

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