Starting School with Martha #1

Starting School with Martha #1

it’s Back to School Week here at Sunny Side Up!


New school bags and gym shoes…
excitement, butterflies and wobbly bottom lips (and that’s just the mums and dads).

For small folk embarking on this big new adventure, what could be more cheering and reassuring than the picture book Martha and the Bunny Brothers I Heart School. As she happily anticipates her first day at school, Martha will scoop everybody up with her sunshiny, enthusiastic message.

Today Martha would like to give you a GOOD LUCK postcard – you can download it here: GoodLuck
Send it to someone you know who is starting school this week, or going back to school (maybe happily, maybe a little bit anxiously), and they might like to pass it on too – spreading the word to happy bunnies everywhere!



4 thoughts on “Starting School with Martha #1

  1. H starts next Monday (sob!) so I’ll save it for then… it’s all come so quickly – her last day of nursery tomorrow after three years there… wails! xx

    • What a huge thing it is. But I do hope a GOOD one – and that the sobbing will only be you (poor mum!) and that H has a brilliant time. Please give her a big hug from me! X

    • Hello, Annie! Yes indeed, it seems only a minute to me too…
      why is it that years whoosh by so quickly, but some days seem to drag on for an eternity? A mystery!
      Wishing Ozzy many many good days ahead and a hugely happy start to school X

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