Me Books Martha!

I have NEWS…


I have been keeping this under my bunny-eared hat for ages and with GREAT difficulty…
but now I can tell you that those amazing people at Me Books have chosen Martha and the Bunny Brothers I Heart School to join their list!
Just in time for all those small bunnies starting school is September and needing a little bit of sunny Martha cheer.
Do you have the Me Books App yet? If not you’re in for a huge treat.



Working with them was a joy, and a revelation.
Seeing Will the director playfully and skilfully inventing new material, and hearing the words hop off the page and spring into life, and admiring the tremendously high production values and care taken with every aspect…
well – after a day in the Me Books office my face was aching from smiling from ear to ear!

I snatched a sneak peak at the annotated copy of the book – marvellous.



Best of all, we have the absolutely most perfect person to narrate the Me Books Martha. When you hear you will think – of COURSE, who else could it possibly be…
So who is this lovely young actor pictured here?



All will be revealed today!




  1. Catherine

    Congratulations Clara! I often pop over to Me books to see what’s new, they have some wonderful titles on their list. Will look out for Martha :).

    • clara

      Thank you so much Catherine! There’s a LOT of nice stuff there, and created to a very pleasingly high standard. Both Marthas will be delighted to hear that you’ll look out for them! X

  2. James Mayhew

    Hurrah! Is that Will Brenton? He lives 5 mins from me and I just met him for the first time this eve!!! He said he knew you. How very odd.

    • clara

      It IS him! That is such a strange coincidence! There must be a B & S Me Book – we could sing the song!!! X



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