lovely Lucky – famous!


You may remember – I’m SURE you do, it was such huge news! – that we are guardians of Lucky, resident of the fabulous Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats in Maidstone, Kent.
You can read all about the happy announcement here.
I’m not sure, though, I have yet shown you the real stamps that my son Jack had made, to give me for my birthday…



Well you can pretty much imagine the whoops of joy when we found that Lucky has a starring role in this BBC News piece about happy goats and sad goats, and the restorative powers of rehabilitation.
You will see Lucky with Saint Bob Hitch (where would they all be without Bob? LOST, that’s what…); it’s a very touching little snippet of film.

We are counting down the days until the Sunday open days begin again, on May the 5th. We miss Lucky when we haven’t seen him for a while.

Why not pay Buttercups a visit? It’s gorgeous goaty bliss, guaranteed!




  1. Anne Booth

    You must tell us when you next go and we will meet you there one Sunday! We love goats!

    • clara

      That’s a wonderful idea – yes please! It’s not too far from you I think? Lovely to know there are more goat fans!

  2. Anne Booth

    We’ve just watched the BBC clip. What a wonderful place! I can’t wait to go now.

    • clara

      The clip is really brilliant, isn’t it? I’m going to have to limit myself to how many times I watch it. Maybe only once each hour…



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