a letter from Eddie


Dear Eddie,

Thank you very much for my beautiful picture of Martha. I love the colours, the ears, the hands, I LOVE the wellies (how brilliantly you have done the spots!) –
and your WRITING, it’s so good!
I would especially like everyone to notice the PS. It’s a very good detail, leaving us wondering what will come next…
I think, in fact I know, that you will be a really fantastic writer, just like your mum!

I hope you approve of where I’ve put it, in my inspiration corner next to my desk, so I can see it EVERY DAY.



Lots of love from Clara X




  1. Polly

    He is TERRIBLY pleased. He beamed and beamed. And then commented ‘She had 40 small Easter eggs you know Clara did. 40. Why did she have 40?’

    ‘Why do you think Eddie?’

    ‘So there was one for EVERY boy and girl.’

    more beaming.

    • Clara

      He really does say the BEST things.
      More beaming here, too.


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