royalty statements


I woke up this morning thinking that there MUST be a good author’s pun, combining royalty statements (as in what we’re sent each year telling us how much we’ve earned from book royalties) and royalty statements (as in ‘hip hip hooray!’ or ‘God save the Queen!’ or ‘off with their heads!’ depending on your point of view)…

Then I couldn’t think of one, so went to have a another cup of tea instead.

Me, I’m mostly a royalist when it comes to tea-time treats (mini retro jellies indeed – what’s not to love?).
Although the royal family did look sweet last night at their concert, like someone’s endearingly funny relatives at a wedding.

But whatever you’re doing today I hope you have a really lovely time.





  1. James Mayhew

    Oh! save a jubilee jelly for me!!!

    • clara

      James, there’s always a jubilee jelly with your name on it round at my house…

  2. Actually Mummy...

    Oh, retrospectively I loved the Jubilee on all counts! 😉

    • clara

      It WAS a bit of a laugh in the end, wasn’t it? What an eccentric country we are!


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