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Today I’ve sailed over to Playing by the book for the launch of something rather special…
 Me and Zoe are publishing a series of downloadable mini-books to inspire children to write stories of their own.
There will be one illustrated mini-book of ideas to get the ball rolling…




and one blank mini-book for the young author-illustrators to transform into books of their own.
The first is on the theme of elves and fairies, so plenty to fire up the imagination with that!
Why not pop over there right here and get started? We cannot wait to see what creative wonders these little books inspire!

So I’ve been thinking a lot about small people making up stories in their heads. You know when you see children deep in thought, arranging their toy animals or vehicles, or concentrating pencil in hand, or just day-dreaming?

That’s what I do, for my job! OK so I have to worry about deadlines and stress over my royalty statements (as in money, not statements about royalty – they are best left for another day)…

but letting my imagination potter about freely and playfully is where it all starts from.
My work is basically playing Sylvanian Families for grown-ups.
Lucky me, and hooray for the power of play!





  1. Zoe

    I hope you’re not stressing too much about deadlines and royalties Clara – or at least I hope there is enough delight and joy to keep the stress at bay! So glad to be collaborating with you 😀

  2. clara

    And me with you too!
    No, I don’t stress THAT much actually… I added that so it didn’t all sound too idyllically jealous-making!!

  3. David

    Great post Clara. I’ll try this with my kids at the weekend!

    • clara

      Thank you so much, David!
      Of course your kids have their very own live-in author-illustrator: are they budding writers already??
      (I wonder how you rebel against artist parents… become an estate agent? financial advisor?)


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