little dogs!


The gorgeous Jayne Mansfield ‘at home’, via Retronaut, in 1956. She seems to be cooking in some sort of small cupboard.

There are pictures of her on the telephone, in a nylon negligee, on the telephone in a nylon negligee, smoking, drinking coffee, cooing over her dear little dogs… pausing to exchange only a very brief word with someone who must be her child, then back to this:



How marvellous. You could get an electric shock just looking at the synthetic fibres in that nightwear.




  1. James Mayhew

    Well you know what they say … “The girl can’t help it!”

  2. clara

    Ha! INDEED. What a different world: lazing around smoking in a housecoat and gossiping on the telephone – where did we go so wrong, or were we just born into the wrong time??

    • James Mayhew

      DEFINITELY born in the wrong time, but I wouldn’t bother with the smoking…


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