Festival of Illustration at Blackwells Oxford


I was so incredibly chuffed to be invited to one of my absolute TOP favourite bookshops that I did a small happy dance when no one was looking…
Blackwells in Broad Street Oxford is a book-lover’s sweetie shop, and their children’s section is a delight. I’m often pottering about in there, making a few purchases…

This time I’m taking part in their Festival of Illustration on Saturday 19th of May. I’m on at 1.30 – 2.30, making
Just a few more to cut out.

It’s a good day when under my desk look like this:



especially when there’s a few of these left:



I’ll be eagerly watching Emma Chichester Clark and Louise Yates too (probably sitting right at the front, blocking the view…).

You can read a very lovely piece about it all at Broad Conversation and follow lovely @kidsblackwell on twitter.

So if you’re nearby or keen, do come along and join in the fun – we’d all love to see you.
And look out for those bunnies overrunning Oxford on Saturday afternoon!




  1. Library Mice

    Such a great bookshop, isn’t it? I have not been to Oxford for a few yeas but always visit it.
    Great company to be in, and what fun those bunny ears look. I am jealous, have fun :0)

    • clara

      Hello! Thank you so much – I’m really looking forward to it! Do you have a brilliant local bookshop? I always try to keep a mental list of various shops in various different places…

  2. Anne-Marie

    I miss the Children’s Bookshop when it was a separate shop though! I don’t think I’ve been in the children’s section since it moved and it was surprisingly lovely so I must go back 🙂

    • clara

      I don’t remember it as a separate shop – must have been before my time there. But yes, they’ve made it really nice and welcoming: a great place to spend time and come away happier but poorer!


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