iBunnies, iPads and finger-painting

Apple Store event – coming soon!



How modern! How super-cool are Martha and the Bunny Brothers! I’m taking them to do an event in The Apple Store Covent Garden in London on Wednesday April 4th 11am – 12am. You won’t be surprised to hear that there’s a certain amount of excited hopping and squeaking over here at Sunny Side Up Towers…
I’ll be showing Martha and the Bunny Brothers I Heart School up on the big screen, and demonstrating how to draw Martha on the iPad. Then everybody gets to draw a bunny on the iPads too, which will be so much fun.

At first it felt strange and different, drawing on an iPad – a bit like that thing where you pat your head with one hand and do circles on your tummy with the other at the same time. But when I discovered how amazing it is, and realised it’s quite a lot like the finger-painting I did when I was a tot…



I found it to be very delcicious indeed!

So if you’re in or near London on the 4th, do please come and join in – the bunnies and me would LOVE to see you…




  1. Library Mice

    *wail* I wish I could! My other half won’t buy an ipad. And unfortunately it is not like a dress, you can’t really buy it anyway, shove it at the bottom of the wardrobe and hope he doesn’t notice (my mum used to do that :0)). *sob*

    • clara

      Oh what a shame! No, it’s not one of those things you can casually say – ‘what, this old thing? I’ve had it for YEARS…’
      But can’t you say it’s an essential item for your work? The new face of publishing and all that? (tax deductible!)
      *naughtily encouraging you*

  2. Library Mice

    I have tried EVERYTHING Clara. He is a total techonphobe and does not see the point! Even after telling him there was a War Horse app (he is a history teacher) I am hoping a cheaper ipad 2 via Tesco and 6 months free credit might sway him but at the moment, nothing :0(

    • clara

      Oh I see. I’m not sensing much hope here…
      as a history teacher he probably has the long view and knows that these toys come and go: maybe there will be a backlash against all this stuff and we’ll go back to low-tech? Lucky we have our polka dot buttons and felt handy – perhaps we’re actually ahead of the curve!


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