it’s International Book Giving Day today!

a brilliant scheme to get books into the hands of children who need them most…


You can get all the info over at The Book Giving Day site – loads of ideas on things to do…
plus more at DelightfulChildren’sBooks and Playingbythebook.
It can be just one book, one child. Popped in an envelope or sneakily left somewhere where it will be discovered and loved.  It can be the other side of the world or just around the corner.



I’m going to do a bit of each: I’ve made a money-donation to The Book Bus because the work it does is so completely fantastic.



And I had a little sort through my bookshelves. Like lots of author-illustrators I guess, I have lots of new books lying around – mine, and other people’s from when I’ve been checking out the competition! So I assembled a little goody bag of books for the doctor’s waiting room in the neighbouring street, where I have sat with my children for many boring, worrying hours over the years. I’m just off to deliver it now…



At the site there are bookplates to download, print out and put into the books you’re giving. That one’s mine…



and these are by sensational illustrators Viviane Schwarz



and Alex Milway.


So, hop on board! What clever plan might you come up with??




  1. Zoe

    Visiting your site always makes me happy, but this post has me beaming! Thank you Clara! Thankyou for your generous support, with the bookplate, but also you encouragement and commitment to the idea. It’s meant a lot to me and Amy. Hope you get to read to some children today!

    • clara

      Thank you so much, Zoe, and congratulations to you and Amy – it’s a wonderful idea, and will grow from strength to strength I am absolutely certain! I’m already thinking about next year…

    • clara

      Thank YOU, Amy! It’s great to be on board. I’m still pondering what I can do during the day… it’s very more-ish and fun!


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