a small mouse on a long journey…

…arrives at his new home at last!


Some secret making, and a Father Christmas mouse…


pops up early on Christmas morning as my 25th Advent Calendar Surprise! He is spotted by Charmaine who offers him a good home. So he sets off for Oregon USA, and I think he must have walked, no that’s not possible, maybe stowed away on the slowest boat, because it took him AGES –



but I’ve just received news – here he is! Settling in very nicely on top of the TV, next to – is that a London beefeater on a motorbike??? How dashing!



  1. Charmaine

    He is absolutely adorable, Clara! You’re the sweetest. Thank you very much 🙂 (And yes, that’s a Beefeater Lego, wearing a graduation cape [from another Lego man], riding a motorcycle from a Lego set!)

    • clara

      You are very, very welcome – and thank you for enthusiastically offering a home to this new small member of the family…. also, I am seriously liking his new chum!


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