advent calendar the 18th

advent calendar the 18th

guest blogger Martha shows how to draw snowflakes


I LOVE drawing snowflakes – it’s my favourite thing! I will show you how to do it too…

Draw a circle with a dot in the middle.


Draw six spokes coming out (I add a tiny blob at the end of each one).


Do little branches on each spoke, pointing upwards.


There’s usually just room for a little extra spoke between each big spoke.


You can try changing the shape of the middle…



… or try a little one too.

I’m going to draw them ALL OVER the presents I am wrapping up for my bunny brothers…
Christmas is SO EXCITING – I can hardly wait!



4 thoughts on “advent calendar the 18th

  1. Thanks Martha, for the excellent tutorial. Seeing as there isn’t speck of snow where we are, I think I shall be drawing lots of these flakes today to try to ensure my kids have a proper white christmas :-)

  2. I feel ridiculously excited by this. I have never drawn a snowflake before. Thank you, Martha. I will impress my children soon – and as they are all at secondary school that is becoming quite difficult to do!

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