advent calendar the 3rd

 all aboard the bunny rocket!


The rocket is waiting, engine running… but the bunnies need your help to get them into their seats before lift-off!

Download your template here: advent3_rocket

Print it out, then cut out the windows to make round holes. Cut out the little squares containing the passengers, and (starting from the top) sellotape them into place from behind so they peep out at a jaunty angle.

You’ll see there’s space for just one more on board: you!

I added some crinkled up strips of paper in fiery colours which, when the rocket is stuck down on (sky blue) paper and put up on the wall, will hang down loosely.

Around the moon and back in time for tea.


  1. Rochelle

    What a great idea – I help run a playgroup in Notts, and this is definitely our next craft activity. Thank You

    • clara

      Hello Rochelle, thanks so much for calling by!
      I’m really glad you found something here you feel you could use – please do let me know how you get on, and what works for you: I love to have feedback.


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