Gosh I haven’t been here for ages!
*puts the hoover round, throws open the shutters*

It’s been a very busy month, working on not one nor two but THREE books…
drawing the finished artwork for the third in the Mango & Bambang series with Polly Faber, writing the second in my young fiction Dotty Detective series, and tomorrow I start a brand new book which is still a barely (bearly?) contained secret.




So now January is nearly over. I’ve made bunting out of my tax return (what – doesn’t everybody?), arranged my lucky mascot into view and sharpened my pencils.

I do love a blank piece of paper and new beginnings.



happy christmas!

happy christmas!

IMG_3960 (1)


This year Bambang is turning on the sunny side up Christmas lights.

Put on your paper hat and join us for a nibble of Quality Street and some party games!




Thank you for the friendship, support and laughs in 2015.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and see you on the other side!




Mango and Bambang 2

Mango and Bambang 2

Tapir All at Sea



So here it is – Merry Christmas!

Except it isn’t a Christmas book, I must impatiently wait until next March, but my first copy has just arrived which felt a lot like an early present, and couldn’t you just warm your hands on that festive red?
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Dixie and Percy's spooky Halloween

Dixie and Percy’s spooky Halloween




In The Haunted House

A long passage lit by flickering candles…
Dixie and Percy both had the very uncomfortable feeling that the eyes of the paintings were following them, or was it just a trick of the light?

Quick quick – jump into the four-poster and pull up the covers!




Thank goodness for exquisite and reassuring post and a jar of liquorice allsorts from their pen pal Celestine.
Thank you so much to the amazingly talented Victoria Stitch!