Dixie and Percy in Brightsea!

Dixie and Percy in Brightsea!

to celebrate the Great Diamond Robbery – a few snaps from their photo album…




So nice to have a picnic on the beach…



so annoying when, in a Gulliver’s Travels moment, a giant turns up



and helps themselves to your teacakes.




handsome chaps in bow ties and DJs

handsome chaps in bow ties and DJs


So there’s James Bond…




and there’s this chap, quite nice-looking…



as is this one…



but if you want to look REALLY  heroic in a dinner jacket and bow tie you need to be short of leg and stout of physique, with a bit of a tum under a straining button…



now that’s what I call dashing.

Dixie O’Day and the Great Diamond Robbery – out in THREE DAYS!



Great Diamond Robbery

Great Diamond Robbery



…a brand new character that Mum has pulled out from under her hat to sashay and sparkle into the newest Dixie adventure.
And let me tell you, one of our dashing duo is utterly smitten.

Was the description glamourpuss ever more fitting?

Perhaps your young readers can guess her name!



Dixie O'Day and the Great Diamond Robbery

Dixie O’Day and the Great Diamond Robbery

here at last!


Dastardly villains, car chases and stormy sea peril, followed by afternoon tea at the Hotel Splendide: it’s the perfect summer read.

Available in bookshops on July the 31st, or you can pre-order.

There’s also @RHKidsUK‘s marvellous #WheresDixie twitter competition, following Dixie and Percy’s motoring jaunts around town and guessing from the snaps where they have popped up next. A really nice thing to do with the kids after school!

Another treat, now it’s nearly the weekend (perfect for staying in pyjamas all morning and getting out paper and pens), is the drawing competition on the World Book Day site. The prize, a piece of original Dixie artwork, doesn’t come up very often, so why not give it a go?