deerstalkers and bobbles...

deerstalkers and bobbles…

warm hats for Dixie and Percy!



By seasonal coincidence the artwork on my drawing board this week sees Dixie and Percy all wrapped up in warm clothes.
I’m thinking a deerstalker for Dixie. Tying up earflaps if you already have long ears appeals to me.
For Percy it is knitted little number, maybe striped, maybe pink. But the really pressing issue, on a level as must have vexed Michelangelo as he painted the Sistine Chapel, is…




bobble or no bobble?



Halloween with Dixie

Halloween with Dixie

and the ghost of Didsworth Hall…



A Halloween sleepover at Dixie’s house.

Percy is scaring himself witless reading the tale of the ghost of Didsworth Hall, who – having been parted in dreadful circumstances from his head – listlessly wanders the long gallery, emitting miserable moans and leaving the air clammy and cold.

Thank goodness Dixie has stocked up with comforting supplies of Ovaltine and chocolate digestives.

I scared myself too this week, at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.
Drawer after drawer of exhibits such as this:




proving that there’s nothing in the world quite as spooky as ordinary people.