thank you from Mum

thank you from Mum

for your wonderful letters…



Mum was so touched – and utterly amazed – to read the letters you so kindly wrote to her on the occasion of her Book Trust Lifetime Achievement Award. They are now stowed safely in the cupboard of her most precious belongings (next to Dogger in his retirement box, which seems somehow very appropriate), but they are taken out again often and are are looking well-read already.

It sounds maudlin but I promise it isn’t: she will have these things said about her when she isn’t here to love them; how very, very much better and happier this has been.

Here is her reply.





Bambang out and about

Bambang out and about



I do love a model village (well there’s a surprise), so what better place could there be to take Bambang on his first ever trip out than Wimborne Model Town.
He could wander happily along the little streets that were just the right size for him,
look in through the window at Woolworths…




eyeball a customer in the tea rooms…




and wait timidly at the door, hoping that Wednesdays is free teas for tapirs day, as he forgot his purse.




There are toys to choose…




the dream wheels to look at…




and calls to make.




All this excitement is quite enough for a tapir to get caught short, but that turned out fine too.




Thank you Josie for the felt Bambang, the outing and the mint choc ice cream (full size).



off on my hols!

off on my hols!



Packing my bucket and spade for a little holiday, featuring ice creams, paddling and banana pancakes…

But just also to say, last night – on her 88th birthday no less – I gave my Mum the book of all the wonderful, remarkable letters left on the post below. I won’t say too much now or relate her reply, but will prepare to it to share when I get home. Suffice to say, she was truly overwhelmed.

Wishing you all a happy, restful summer and a double ninety nine with ALL the sprinkles – you deserve it, you’re amazing!