Up Up and Away - quiz!

Up Up and Away – quiz!

when you have read the book…



you can answer this question…

When Percy was small he had only one Forest Folk Fellowship badge. What did he get his commendation for?

I’ll send a signed bookplate and dedication, written by both Mum and I, to anyone who gets in touch with the right answer!

And for a bonus prize, what do you think the badges in the picture are for?



Up Up and Away!

Up Up and Away!

Dixie is airborne at last…



Up Up and Away!
It’s finally here – Dixie and Percy’s third thrilling adventure!

Hurry down to the Airshow and be swept into the skies for an action-packed escapade…
meet new characters, fall back in horror at the bad behaviour of Lou Ella, and find out if our tweedy pals have what it takes to be the Biggles of Didsworth.

You will also see I have a new toy to play with…



So keep your eyes open for Dixie’s REAL hot air balloon as it passes overhead near you!