it's all about the maps, chaps!

it’s all about the maps, chaps!



How I love drawing the maps in the Dixie O’Day books. I imagine the reader following the drama as it unfolds, tracing the routes with a small finger – the reckless shortcuts in The Fast Lane, the cliff path down to choppy seas from the Hotel Splendide in The Great Diamond Robbery…
a map gives a story another layer of verisimilitude – it really happened, it happened here!
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!



Hoping it’s a really good one.

I couldn’t post anything Christmassy because there were so many hits on my post about Polly and me that my bandwidth was stretched beyond capacity -


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- which seems somehow fitting at Christmas when our waist-bandwidth is much exceeded too.

I don’t hold much with new year’s resolutions – they always seem too puritanical; it seems such a waste of a life. I do not want to have written on my gravestone: here lies Clara Vulliamy, who spent much of her life wishing she was slim, sober or solvent yet very rarely was.

But if I do make any, it will be to find a pair of tights that stay up and to make a Baked Alaska and get it RIGHT this time.

So, my wish for us all is for a year ahead that is fun and fruity, and for those of us back to work today or soon and feel as if we are being fired out of a cannon I hope we can at least enjoy the view!