Dotty Detective day four

Dotty Detective day four


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Are you a compulsive doodler?

I don’t mean the kind of informal drawing that artists sometimes call doodles. That’s lightweight.

I mean the almost unconscious wiggles, swirls and dots on the back of an envelope while you’re on the phone;
filling in alternate squares on grid paper to make a checky tiled effect.
(I HUGELY recommend graph paper, or old fashioned school exercise books)




I think it oddly combines letting your mind drift, and helping it to concentrate.

Dot’s a doodler. I have found it the easiest thing in the world to share this trait with my invented character.

I wonder what our doodles reveal about us, though – our personalities, our subconscious. I’ve shown you ours – will you show us yours?
I’lll psychoanalyse them for free!



Dotty Detective day three

Dotty Detective day three

introducing Beans and McClusky

Meet Dot’s best pal Beans and TOP DOG McClusky, fellow members of the Join The Dots Detectives.

This is the contents of Beans’ shoebox of treasures.


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The least said about his PE prowess the better, but Beans is funny, loyal and brilliantly inventive. His homemade periscope is very cool indeed, an essential gadget in their detecting kit.

And then there’s McClusky, Dot’s dog. He’s a rough-coated terrier with a great liking for big sticks and pink wafers.

Many a mystery would be a hopeless case without him sniffing out the vital clues.

He has many other skills, too…


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Tomorrow, a very serious and intellectual analysis of DOODLING…



Dotty Detective day two

Dotty Detective day two

introducing Dot

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Dot is a refreshing sort of heroine.

She is mathsy and sporty, she can eat three super-sour apple sherbets at once, and she loves a puzzle – the trickier the better.

She has a strong sense of justice and of doing the right thing.
I like her especially for being open, up-beat, and wonderfully un-bogged down by the anxieties of school friendships often associated with girls.

Dot also has a stationery obsession bordering on severe. I needed to do some serious stationery gathering – for research purchases, naturally. What a CHORE…




Soon, a bit more about Beans and McClusky…